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Offering best one day / half day tours including Sake Brewery tour that you can experience traditional culture and beauty of nature. English friendly & Easy to join!

Menu w/images No
Multiligunal menu -
Multilingual staff English / Chinese / Taiwanese
Free Wi-Fi No
Credit cards Only available on our website, paypal. JCB, VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER
Duty-free correspondence No
Foreign language indication guide No
Address 〒830-0023
29-23 Chuo-machi, Kurume city
Phone 080-3975-1770
Hours of operation Store not applicable
Closed on Open seven days a week
Access Periodically listed on our website
Parking No
Remarks For foreign travelers, we operate day tours where you can experience Fukuoka's traditional culture and regional attractions such as a sake brewery, tea ceremony and meditation.