In attempt to turning Fukuoka into "the friendliest tourist destination in the world," Fukuoka Prefecture is currently involved in the undertakings of "福岡よかとこ魅力発信応援団 (Fukuoka Yokatoko Miryoku Hasshin Ouendan)."

Promoting Fukuoka's hospitality and attractions to travelers worldwide, it is consisted of local establishments of two types: the "in-bound affiliates" with international traveler-friendly restaurant menus with photos and images, and the "international PR affiliates" with international market presence for food and restaurant service industry.

Flourishing as the central hub of Asia for many years, Fukuoka Prefecture has brought about vast cultural integration - which in return has fueled resurgence of unique Japanese food cultures in the region. Now internationally popular "tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen" is originated here in Fukuoka, where some of the country's top sake producers are found.

In addition to its great cuisine, Fukuoka presents many locations of scenic beauty for all four seasons.

This website introduces some of these Fukuoka attractions beginning with the in-bound affiliates. So, come visit Fukuoka, and relish what it has to offer.